California has a diversity of families, many of which are non-marital, multi-ethnic and non-traditional. Families today are also ever-changing and mobile. At the Oakland law office of Sylvia Woods, we respect this diversity and we're experienced in inter-cultural, inter-state and even international family law issues. Our experience and sensitivity makes a difference.

We have found that our level of expertise also makes a big difference when we represent minor children in personal injury cases.

If you need help with a divorce, paternity action, child custody or adoption, and your situation is complicated by conflicting cultural values, parenting teenagers, and distance between parents' homes, please contact our law office today and tell us about your situation.

We can help you to understand your options and the issues involved in California child custody and paternity cases.

    * Child custody is based on what is best for the child and since people and circumstances can change, custody of a minor child is never really permanent.

    * Mothers and Fathers have equal rights under the California law when paternity is established.

    * Child support in California is complicated and with often unexpected results. Anyone involved in a child support case should seek legal advice early and often.

    * When a parent is planning to move away and wants to take the children, it's important to consult with a family law attorney as soon as possible.

    * Domestic violence issues maybe handled in domestic violence or family law court, but a person may also face criminal charges. Police reports and what you say to others can gravely affect your parental rights and freedom. See a lawyer!

"We all want the same basic things for ourselves and our children: safety, good health, education and love supportive relationships, and family law is about securing all of that." - Attorney Sylvia Woods

Experienced in multi-ethnic child custody and divorce cases

Since 1992, we have provided legal services to families throughout the Bay Area and earned a reputation for our special ability at handling high-conflict and multi-ethnic child custody and divorce cases.

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If you need an experienced California family law attorney who is energetic, forward thinking, and will work tirelessly to achieve the results that are best for you and your loved ones, please call or e-mail us today and tell us about your situation.

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